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Red Road Productions

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Red Road Productions is a development company started by Robert Chimento and Joan Sweeny. The mission of Red Road is to develop original plays and films and to mentor new talent. The Company began producing plays in Los Angeles, moved onto short films, and is now proud to announce the completion of the feature film, Follow the Prophet.

Red Road received a “special thanks” for Lullaby which starred Tobin Bell, and won the coveted Corwin Award at the University of California at Santa Barbara for Best Film and Best Director (M.F. Wilson), and Executive Produced “Letters from Frankenstein”, a short horror film about the psychological impairment of an Iraqi vet and the pen pal he stalks starring Steve Sandvoss.

Red Road Productions has films in various stages of development: Proposition Truth; Mission Boy; Call Fat Tommy; The Impulse; Wild Innocence; and Pretty Little Gun.

Red Road works with a creative team of filmmakers who include:

  • M. F Wilson (Writer/Director): Winner of UCSB Corwin Award for Best Picture and Best Director for Lullaby, starring Tobin Bell. His film Fluorescent Black was optioned by Imagi studios and adapted into a Graphic Novel with illustrations by Nathan Fox, published by Heavy Metal Magazine. The first and second installments were shown at Comicon in 2008-09; the Graphic Novel will be sold there in 2010. Matt wrote, and is preparing to direct, his first feature film Pretty Little Gun, which is in final stages of development at Red Road. Wilson works as a Development consultant at Imagi Studios, where he worked on Gotchaman and Astroboy. Wilson created the spots and Trailer for “Follow the Prophet”.
  • Jay Wilson (see Executive Producer)
  • Forrest Murray (Producer): Five Corners, Bob Roberts, The Spitfire Grill, and No Cure for Cancer and Lock N Load both with Dennis Leary.
  • Melissa Davis (Producer): Anita O’Day The Life of Jazz Singer, Satellite Award winner, Islander and was recently on tour shooting a documentary about Russell Brand, the British comedienne from Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Penny Allen (Script Consultant, Acting Coach).

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  1. Sandy permalink

    I recently viewed Follow The Prophet on Netflix. Thank you so much for drawing attention to this issue. The movie brought up all kinds of emotions in me, from anger to compassion. I am deeply affected by the information in the movie. I could tell by the behaviors and honest but reserved responses of the wives just how far the control and brainwashing is in this cult. The young lady who played Avery did an amazingly convincing job portraying her character.

    I can honestly say I will never be the same after watching this movie. Its eyeopening and it leaves me with a challenge to do what I can to make a difference in someone’s life. Whatever that may be.

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