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Good ole boys

by admin on March 31st, 2010

They started the crazy business.

When I look at the cover of National Geographic and read the article I am somewhat disturbed by the matter of fact response to the cult. I wonder, while reading, if that was what the reporter was required to do in order to gain exclusive access? Or did they all put on their “happy” face for the outside world?
My first response to the cover was that they looked pretty happy. And yet the husband of all those wives looks like he’s about 75-80 years old. Most of the women I’ve talked to have escaped and each has their own horror story of sexual assault, mind control and male dominance.
I gave a copy to a friend of mine and her eight year old son asked “Who are those people, mommy, and who what is a Polygamist?” When she told him: his response was “Yuck”.
What do you think?

From → Early FLDS

  1. admin permalink

    Wow, these guys stayed VERY busy after hours!

  2. admin permalink

    They certainly did!

  3. admin permalink

    So each state has the last word in being able to manipulate the minds of women and children?

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